Understand How Sound Works

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Steve ArmstrongSteve Armstrong – from Springfield MA. Fell in love with and studied String Bass for a few years in the 60s’ Went to college for Music ed. Received a BA in Music theory and composition – too shy to be classroom teacher. Along the way, played in R+R dance bands in bars and clubs. Went into music electronics repair. While in school took a job at KSC as their main academic audio support person. In that role I applied my love for physics and knowledge of electronics to the tasks at hand; Providing audio recording support for all campus events, touring music acts and a small audio production studio.That role lasted much of my 39 years there. My affinity for classical symphonic music has influenced my musical life as a performer and sound technician/engineer. I still love to play, mostly these days you’ll find me smiling in the pit orchestras of regional broadway style musicals.

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