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I’m competing in a Toastmasters humorous speech contest this week. My plan is to make fun of the fact that I love to try new productivity tools and that I waste time trying out new systems for being productive.

It’s true. I am a sucker for a pretty interface. But there is something to be said for the time I take thinking through what I have to do and how it can be organized. Not that I would recommend my way of doing things, but the act of making the lists of clients and projects and tasks and contexts does help clear my mind. It helps me see the structure and the most effective order. It helps me see what is time critical and where I need more information or resources.

Ideally one would find one system and stick with it. That doesn’t seem to be my style. I have freemium versions of dozens of products. I’ve even paid for some but get frustrated because they don’t do everything I want (like do the tasks for me?).

I think moving around from method to method keeps my list fresh. It helps me see the items that are on the list but I’m never going to get to. I should change the name of my “Maybe Someday “folder to “When Hell Freezes Over.”

Plus, I do find it entertaining to explore the applications that people come up with. There are some great ones, and I thank the developers who have given me so many hours of enjoyment.


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