Maximum Tilt

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The North Pole has reached its maximum tilt away from the Sun. From now on there will be more light and less dark. Hallelujah.

I love the winter solstice. The idea that days are getting longer fills me with renewed hope and energy. I, for one, need some of that. 

This year has been a bit of a slog. While I made significant progress on my goals, it felt harder than in years past. The wind was not at my back. It felt as though I was carrying extra weight when I actually managed to lose quite a bit (29 lbs!).

I am ready for a new year, But before we race toward the future it’s wise to review our accomplishments and lessons from the past 12 months. My goal statements tend to get carried over from year to year– I want to feel strong and healthy, I want to improve my Italian. If I don’t acknowledge the specific actions I did (or didn’t) do, and the effect they had I’m missing valuable data that informs my plans going forward. If we don’t take stock and evaluate then we don’t make any needed adjustments. 

What was going on a year ago? What did you set out to do in 2018? What did you anticipate and prepare for? What was a surprise both delightful and awkward? Did you set the bar high enough? Were your stated goals realistic? Did you give yourself credit for all of your wins? Are you shaming yourself unnecessarily for any misses?

What would support you in making 2019 a rich and rewarding year of growth? Where do you want to be on Midsummer Night’s Eve?

I wish you all an energized and inspiring holiday season and a new year filled with accomplishment.

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  1. Well, from an outsiders point of view you can tickle two boxes: you look stronger and definitely healthier!

    Happy 2019 for you, Liz!

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