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Nancy Salwen teaches singing to “non-singers,” beginners and anyone who wants to sing more comfortably and expressively.

She is the author of the book (and online program), “The Fear of Singing Breakthrough Program: Learn to Sing Even if You Think You Can’t Carry a Tune!” She leads singing workshops in Vermont, New York City and California, offers online programs, and teaches lessons in-person and over Skype (or FaceTime).

Nancy is a certified Music for People improvisation facilitator and workshop leader. She is also a center director and educator with Music Together®, the renowned early childhood family music and movement program, and teaches early childhood music programs in a variety of schools. In addition, she leads music-based workshops for team building, staff development, and personal growth for businesses and organizations.

To learn more about Nancy and what she has to offer, visit www.fearofsinging.com, or email her at nancy@salwen.net.

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A listener referred me to this site which has more useful links: The Music Ambition .


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