Your Next Third

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I finally got around to reading Younger Next Year— a highly motivating book that explains that while we have to age we do not have to decay.

I have to admit that I occasionally thought, “How far can I push this?” How long can I lead this sedentary life before I start to fall apart? Luck or good genes have kept me fairly healthy. I gave up trying to be a hot babe many years ago so I have not measured myself on physical attractiveness. I do miss skin tone around my eyes but I was wise enough to use moisturizer and stay out of the sun throughout my life so I’m not as wrinkled as I could be.

According to the authors we must exercise six days a week for the rest of our lives. If you’re like me you will have ignored that kind of statement for decades. I’ve never been interested in sports, never done anything athletic for fun like tennis or skiing. But Younger Next Year makes a powerful case for daily exercise, so much so that I’ve been sticking to it for five weeks now.

Something feels different in my attitude. I want to be happy and healthy for the next 30 years. This is what I have to do. I don’t feel fear and dread, but conviction and determination.

While it’s the toughest one for me to get into, exercise is not the only pillar of the Younger Next Year program. Purpose, play, and engaged community are also important to a rewarding life. No surprise there, but the authors make a compelling case based on brain science and evolution.

I’ve been drawn to coaching women over 50 who’ve been longing for something more. Empty nests, menopause, widowhood or just a curiosity about what’s next have led us to reach out and seek support for what’s possible in our lives.

I like the idea of our “next third,” a term the authors use. I was one person up to age 33, another in the 30 years since then. What’s in store now? I’m excited to find out.

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