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Understand Why People Like Hip-Hop – Part 1

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In part one Manny explains the culture of hip hop and why he founded the center for Hip Hop Advocacy. In part two he responds to some of my preconceptions about what hip hop music is and is not.

Manny Faces is an award-winning new media journalist and podcast producer based in the New York Metropolitan area. He is the co-creator, co-producer, audio editor, and host of News Beat (, a groundbreaking, multiple award-winning podcast series that melds hard-hitting social justice journalism and expert interviews with music and original hip-hop lyrics crafted by independent hip-hop artists. In 2015, he founded The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy (, a non-profit organization utilizing journalism, original research, and media/public outreach to increase awareness and understanding of Hip-Hop’s proven ability to improve society and uplift humanity. He is an accomplished DJ, producer/remixer, event host, and public speaker, often advocating on behalf of hip-hop music, culture, and community at universities, organizations, and festivals throughout the country and the world.
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