a 6-week program to 
turn your resolutions into success

Is this you?


Great Starter

Rarin’ to go at the start but you fade before the finish line?

  • good intentions
  • get bogged down
  • lose your resolve


Do you set the bar too high and end up failing to reach your goals?

  • Ill-defined
  • Don’t know what to tackle first
  • Daunting


Idea only

Or is it that your good ideas never get past the concept stage?

  • not concrete
  • no milestones
  • no success to build on
You are not alone.
All of us need help to achieve our goals.
No one succeeds in a vacuum.

Join the Resolution Partners for
This Time It Works.

With this program you’ll have ongoing support, live and online, as you move forward with your goals. If you get stuck along the way we’re here to help. When you make progress faster than expected we’re here to celebrate.

  • Bi-Weekly Team Calls

    Learn from and share with others on the same path.

  • Ongoing Online Support

    We’ll have a group site on Slack for instant team communication, document management, and one-on-one conversations.

  • Weekly Bonus Materials

    We’ll have handouts, tools, and reference materials to help you stay on track and improve your skills.

  • Check-ins and Reminders

    If time and deadline management are challenging for you we’ll set up systems to make you successful.

Session 1

Get started right with a plan designed to succeed. What has gotten in the way in the past? We’ll find a workaround.

  • Measurable
  • Time-Oriented
  • Actionable

Session 2

Check-in point. Are you ahead of schedule? Need to stretch a little more? Or are you slipping behind? Do we need to revise the plan?

  • Monitor
  • Evaluate
  • Revise

Session 3

What did you learn about your process? What can you incorporate for next time? What do you want to tackle now?

  • Takeaways
  • Repeatable
  • What’s Next?

What You’ll Receive:

expert goal-setting and action-planning advice

6 weeks of support whenever you need it

success you can build on

a great start to the new year

This Time It Works

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In this bonus call we will:

  • Clarify your resolutions

  • Set realistic milestones

  • Troubleshoot obstacles

a $150 value!

This Time It Works

Still have questions?

I want to address any and all concerns so that you feel completely ready to make this decision.

Start The New Year Right

Make this the year you achieve all of your goals.

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