Things I Hate

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broken_imageHere’s something I find myself over-reacting to– finding free, unlicensed images for clients.

They want lots of visuals in their newsletters and posts. They don’t provide them. I have limited sources for free and legal images. I do my best.

It’s rejected.  “Too (fill in the blank).”

So I try again. I may or may not succeed in pleasing the client.

What is it about this that makes my blood boil? Is it, as my sister says, “I have to, but I can’t, but I have to?”

I’m trying to read their minds– give a visual representation of their thoughts. It’s their blog/newsletter. They get final say.

I don’t like failing. The whiny voice in my head says, “They don’t appreciate how hard I’m trying with these limitations.”

While I’m laughing at myself and the way I complain, let me express my appreciation for Compfight as a source of images. I would be grateful to learn of others.




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