Turning timidity into confidence

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Timidity into Confidence

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I recently fulfilled a dream of singing a solo with a big jazz band. We did four performances. They all went well and I loved it. I received lots of praise afterwards. This morning while I was having coffee with a friend a woman I’d never met came up to me and told me she’d heard me and had to …

Serendipity Does It

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We did it. We emptied our house. Got it rented in record time. Returned to Italy with only minor mishaps (forgotten computer and temporarily lost suitcase). I’m still stunned that everything worked so well. I owe it all to good luck, good friends, and good instincts. When last we spoke I was drowning in garbage bags. I told you that …

How To Get Going Again

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I’ve been talking recently about vicious self-talk and beating yourself up over not getting further on your goals. It doesn’t help when every time you think about your project you get caught in a loop of regret and castigation. I don’t know about you, but guilt does not motivate me. Instead it just makes me dig in deeper and want to …