I can do it myself

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For a person who likes teamwork as much as I do I have a strong streak of rugged individualism. What a curious contradiction. I get enormous satisfaction out of replacing my own leaky faucets, and turning old routers into wireless bridges. The incredible internet has the instructions for anything you’d ever want to learn. I spend a ridiculous amount of …

Don’t Sweat It

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It has been viciously hot here recently. It’s like all that solar energy just saps my own reserves and makes me good for nothing. I’m not yet wishing for winter but I’m surprised to find myself grateful that it’s only 30C/90F today. Never imagined saying that. The expression “turn up the heat” implies making something more urgent, but when it’s …

Judge your progress, not yourself

Judge your progress, not yourself

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Yesterday I was down in the dumps and angry at myself for my lack of progress. I could have been still coasting from another well-received musical event over the weekend, but instead I felt miserable and just kept wallowing in shame because I wasn’t where I thought I should be. My number one goal this year, according to my journal, …