Working on your behalf

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A client mentioned to me recently that she has deep desire to streamline her life and get rid of unnecessary clutter, but at the same time she has a strong urge to hold onto things– like out-of-date reference material and folders she hasn’t looked at in a dozen years. She explains it as a hoarding instinct inherited from Depression-era parents. …

Turning timidity into confidence

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Timidity into Confidence

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I recently fulfilled a dream of singing a solo with a big jazz band. We did four performances. They all went well and I loved it. I received lots of praise afterwards. This morning while I was having coffee with a friend a woman I’d never met came up to me and told me she’d heard me and had to …

How to maintain productivity when the world as you know it has ended

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I received some bad news this morning. Really bad. Likely to have far-reaching consequences. I’m distracted. I feel shock, sadness, shame. I want to run to social media to find out more and the thought of wallowing in the commiseration revolts me. I’m struggling to remember the good advice I know about catastrophe. Breathe. Put one foot in front of …