Light and Hope

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I’m feeling incredibly fortunate, and if I can I’d like to be a resource for others who aren’t in the same state of mind. I have not been devastated by the corona virus or fires or other destructive events.  I’m scared for the state of our democracy but doing my best to send light and hope into the world (and …

Working on your behalf

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A client mentioned to me recently that she has deep desire to streamline her life and get rid of unnecessary clutter, but at the same time she has a strong urge to hold onto things– like out-of-date reference material and folders she hasn’t looked at in a dozen years. She explains it as a hoarding instinct inherited from Depression-era parents. …

Turning timidity into confidence

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Timidity into Confidence

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I recently fulfilled a dream of singing a solo with a big jazz band. We did four performances. They all went well and I loved it. I received lots of praise afterwards. This morning while I was having coffee with a friend a woman I’d never met came up to me and told me she’d heard me and had to …