It seemed like a good idea

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Ever get the feeling that you’re being pulled along into a more adventurous life than you’d intended? That you somehow make choices that seem out of character? Or maybe it’s that I pretend I’m helpless against these “external” forces. That seems more likely than the fact that I would choose to do this on my own. Here’s what happened– Michael …

Turning timidity into confidence

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Timidity into Confidence

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I recently fulfilled a dream of singing a solo with a big jazz band. We did four performances. They all went well and I loved it. I received lots of praise afterwards. This morning while I was having coffee with a friend a woman I’d never met came up to me and told me she’d heard me and had to …

How much fear is the right amount?

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We felt a couple of earthquakes last night (10.26.16)– a 5.5 and 6.1 plus some noticeable aftershocks. Good sized shakers worthy of some fright. No noticeable effects other than rattling dishes and some cupboard doors opening. The epicenter was 100 km south of here. After the initial thoughts of “oh shit how bad is this going to be” and then …