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I spent an enjoyable day polishing my skills. I worked through some basic lessons in Code Academy.

I started at the beginning with HTML and CSS. There was quite a bit I already knew but I also appreciated the structure and learned or cemented a number of new or only barely understood concepts. The practice was also useful.

I had tried on Saturday to help a client fix some formatting on his site and was not able to isolate the elements I wanted to adjust. I went back to it today still couldn’t do it. It’s coding nested in a plug-in and there’s still so much I can’t understand, plus I can’t screw around and just experiment since it’s a working site.

I had also intended to learn better how to make use of Firebug and spent some time with that, but am still fairly confused.

StylizerMeanwhile, the same awesome, forgiving client told me about a new app he found called Stylizer.  I downloaded a free version and am checking it out. Could be great. Kind of expensive so I’d really need to use it and understand it well to spend the money.

This is my idea of a great way to spend the day. (Luckily the weather wasn’t so great that I feel guilty).

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