Such problems

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Oh geeky wise woman, tell me what I should do.

My husband and I want to spend more time at our home in Italy, and we want a car there so we can be more mobile and self-sufficient, and visit friends who live further away than I can ride on my bike. But we found out that there’s only one kind of residency that applies to us and we don’t qualify for it. For some reason, Italy doesn’t consider us as self-employed. Our jobs aren’t recognized. Therefore we have to have retirement income. There are some other hurdles that seem insurmountable for now. I’m bummed.


Dear Bummed,

Oy to have such problems.  Are you doing what you love? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you can’t shake it today then get over it as soon as possible and open up to alternative ways to get what you want. This is not insurmountable. You just haven’t seen yet how it will all work out.

In bocca al lupo,


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