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Still Life with Speed Bumps

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I’ve been working on a self-study course, currently called 8 Steps to Launch Your Dream Life. It’s coming together nicely and you will be the first to know when it’s ready.  I’m writing the course because I have some insights and experience in turning dream goals into reality and I think it could be useful. I’m writing this post because it is my habit to tell you what I learn as I go along. Here’s the latest lesson:

Dream life is still life. It has ups and downs. 

We’ve been experiencing some of the latter recently. Specifically, Michael had a fender bender on Saturday. He’s fine. The other driver is apparently fine. The car has minor (but of course expensive) damage. There are many things to be grateful for– all of the aforementioned plus it happened at a relatively convenient time. (We’d had visitors the day before). It happened near home so I could walk to meet Michael. The cops were nice, so were the friends of the other driver. 

Dealing with the aftermath has been surprisingly straightforward. We had to go to the police station to sign things and get the “ticket.” The local body shop was able to make the car temporarily safe to drive and gave us an estimate very quickly. Paying the fine was fine, and the insurance paperwork was painless. Sure, our rates will go up but not until next year.

We now speak Italian well enough so that we managed it all reasonably well. It crossed my mind that we should do a series of guidebooks for unfortunate travelers: Liz and Michael pay a traffic ticket; Liz and Michael visit the police station; to go along with Liz and Michael get their licenses, and the ever-popular Liz gets an Italian mammogram.

Most of the time real life in Italy feels just a little more exciting than other places I’ve lived because of the language and cultural differences. There’s always something to learn, some new experience. 

I was going to say I’d prefer more lessons along the lines of how to make tagliatelle and how to grow sunflowers rather than how to deal with a car accident. But honestly that’s not true. I love my life exactly as it is.

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