Someday Is Now

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I’m starting a new season of my podcast, I Always Wanted To, and I need your help. 

For this series I want to focus on those Maybe Someday projects we’ve been putting off because it’s never the right time or we don’t have enough of it because we’re too busy with work and extracurricular activities.

Well someday is now. This is not how we wanted our free time to materialize, but maybe we can make the most of a bad situation. 

I know that not all of us are in a position to jump into an art project. We’re scared or anxious or feeling sorry for ourselves as we navigate this new reality. 

But if you have the freedom to look at this found time as an opportunity, what would you like to do with it? What could you learn or attempt or create? What have you been putting off because you were too busy? What are you seeing others do that intrigues you?

I want to hear and tell your stories. I invite you email or text me your ideas. Please share with us what you’re working on or thinking about.

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