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My coach often advises something that her coach recommends– to slow it down. At first I didn’t quite understand what she meant. Do… I… simply… speak… slower? No, it means to examine carefully what’s going on, without rushing to assume or take action. Consider and question with equanimity, before leaping.

This isn’t my natural state. I tend to jump into fix-it mode and go straight for solutions before I’m sure I fully understand the issue. But I’ve had a couple of recent experiences where I’ve seen the benefit of taking my time and I’m starting to understand the value of the practice.

For example, I have been known to have a marketing idea and almost before I’ve finished the thought I’m buying domain names and setting up a new WordPress site. I fly into action with the mechanics before I’ve thought it through. I readily admit some of the ideas are half-baked and never do get fully cooked.

I’ve been moving more slowly with my most recent idea– changing my practice to Next Third Coaching. I’ve been talking with people, getting feedback, incorporating those ideas into new copy for my site. The changes are happening slowly as I get clearer about how the ideas expressed in the Younger Next Year series support my coaching.

The other day we were invited to post our latest offerings in a Facebook coaching group I belong to. I thanked the administrator and shared, “I’m excited about a new direction for women 50+ who want joy, meaning, and connection in the next third of their lives.” I went on to say that I explained it more fully in a blog post and gave them the link.

Very quickly I got a snarky response from a man in the group. I was really taken aback by his tone and my initial (private) reaction was very defensive. He posted two more negative reactions to my post and my use of the term Next Third. I slowed it down and gathered myself before answering. I was able to thank him for his feedback and explain that the expression really meant something to me. It opens up the notion of having 30 more years of glorious, meaningful, fun-filled life. Plenty of time to get it right.

His final response was more friendly and I was very glad that I decided to wait.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this evolution. Does it speak to you? Please share your feedback– when you can.

No rush.

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