I Don’t Have to Be the Way I Was.

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I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I’m thriving. Life is going surprisingly well. My spirits and energy level are fairly high. I’m feeling a steady sense of accomplishment and that’s my idea of a life on path.

To what do I attribute this well-being? It’s as though something clicked in me when the world suddenly changed. I don’t have to be the way I was because the rules have changed. Everything is different. I can leave old behaviors behind and take on new ones.

For one thing, my life has a little more structure– just a little, and that’s working for me. I don’t like rigidity but the rough schedule gives a little shape to my day. And I’m not ruled by outside engagements.

I am fortunate that my husband’s and my dispositions are compatible with being at home, and our apartment is large enough so that we aren’t stepping on one another. We have instituted a few routines. Since we’re not allowed outside we climb the four flights of stairs for exercise– we’re up to ten circuits. Starting next week they say we’ll be allowed more freedom for physical activity. Though I’m looking forward to being outdoors I hope it doesn’t wreck our rhythm.

We’re also doing story hour. Our book club is reading Hilary Mantel’s latest (500+ pages) so we’re listening to it on audio. It’s companionable but I have to keep nudging him so he doesn’t fall asleep.

I’ve always (for the last decade) worked virtually so my work with clients hasn’t changed. I’m really intrigued by the virtual co-working communities that are springing up and the creative ways people are reinventing work. I’ve taken on some interesting projects as a result of new connections.

We have reached out to band members from groups we’ve played with over the last 30 years and we are sharing tracks and making music as best we can. The reconnection is delightful. The years have melted away. The jazz orchestra I sing with is doing one of those Brady Bunch videos since we can’t rehearse together. Just today I sent off a video of my part in the song (an arrangement of Son of Mr. Green Genes by Frank Zappa!) We shall see how it turns out.

I’m not afraid. I keep up with the news but not obsessively. I feel calm and curious about what’s to come. I’m comfortable with uncertainty and actually feel called to support those who are struggling with the unknown. If you are floundering in this strange new world and unable to find your footing please reach out. I’m here to help.

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