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Peter ScharfPeter Scharf is a British pensioner living in the rural Le Marche in Italy.  He spent many years working in finance in the old City of London whilst running a sheep farm at the same time.

His interest in music was sparked late in life by a fateful visit to a NY music store and a desire to trace back to the origins of finger-picked acoustic blues of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.

The two largest download sites for musical instrument teaching material are:

  • – run by Happy Traum, an accomplished fingerpicker who played on a few Bob Dylan tracks on the early records. The site covers all kinds of instruments including the ukulele.
  • – run by Stefan Grossman who has pioneered the teaching of early blues acoustic guitar to thousands of would be fingerpickers throughout the world. The site is mostly concentrated on the guitar but also has ukulele material.

An excellent online store specializing in ukuleles is They have a great selection of ukuleles from £40/50 to £2000+. The sweet spot in terms of ukulele beginner spending is probably around £80 to £120.

They also write a blog and a good one for beginners is YouTube is a vast ukulele source with hundreds of sites dedicated to teaching the ukulele.

Other internet sites are: ukulele underground

  • ukulele hunt
  • got a ukulele, and there are many, many more which a google search will reveal.

Check out The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on (and also on YouTube) if you look for inspiration and an idea of what the ukulele can do.



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