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Isabella Bedoya helps independent artists establish profitable and sustainable music careers so they can get paid doing what they love. She is the founder of The Fame Hackers, an artist accelerator for musicians that want to go from starving artists to thriving artists. After working as an A&R under Sony Music, Isabella uses her industry experience coupled with cutting-edge strategies to help musicians monetize their music careers and reach the levels of success they desire. Isabella has not only worked with many celebrities and influencers, but has been able to help rising artists become viral sensations. Isabella has been invited to speak at Beat The Clock Podcast, Musicians Institute, and has also been published on NBC, BoldTV, Thrive Global, Medium, and Music Industry Weekly to name a few.

About Fame Hackers (

FAME, in Fame Hackers, is a four letter acronym that stands for Foundation, Audience, Monetization, and Exposure. If you establish a strong foundation, and if you attract your ideal audience, all you need is to create offers to monetize your audience and scale your brand awareness through exposure.

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