Love in the Time of Novel Coronavirus

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Yesterday my sister and I were comparing notes about life in a pandemic. She lives in a retirement community 15 minutes from the epicenter in Washington state. My province in Italy has just been named a red zone so I’m one of the 16 million quarantined. Both of us are safe and sound, but as has always been the case, we have very different approaches to the situation.

Ever cautious, she practices not touching her face even at home. She wants to make sure I have plenty of bleach and Purell on hand to disinfect my apartment. Jennifer, you have known me and my housecleaning habits my entire life– do you really think I’m going to do that?

The kicker was when she explained that her extra measures were because, her region “was about two weeks ahead of you” in dealing with the crisis.


My competitiveness started rising within me like magma in a volcano. I’m thinking, how dare you say your puny US response compares to our glorious Italian efforts. We’ve been quarantining people since the beginning of February. Our schools have been closed for weeks. We’re gaining on South Korea for number of total cases. Go Italy!

Yes, I realize the foolishness of my reaction. To me, it is still just a story affecting other people. I did have to cancel a trip because I’m not allowed to travel outside my region. That was an expensive hit but not life-threatening. When my friends would get together, back when we were allowed to gather (last week), the virus was of course a topic of conversation, and again there was a little competitiveness with information– who had the latest details, who knew someone whose life was touched. Fortunately, I guess, for everyone I know, the effects have only been economic.

I am content to self-isolate. My work is not disrupted because I see clients over video conference. I’ll go to Wales another time. I am not afraid.

I hope you and yours are safe and taking care.

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  1. Love it! Knowing you, you wouldn’t be bored….but sorry to hear a trip to Wales couldn’t be refunded. I often dream about being quarantined for two whole weeks… but know I should be careful what I wish for!!! Be well!

  2. Thanks for the update, Liz. We have no confirmed cases in Bellingham as of last night anyway. Wally, all the animals and I are doing well. I have had the house well stocked since Trump was elected expecting the worst could happen any day, so no panic buying here. Saw all Michaels old friends at the McShermans on Tuesday all are well.

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  3. Very entertaining Liz! I can absolutely identify with the sister competition. It’s sometimes irritating and always forgivable. Love you 😘

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