Light and Hope

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I’m feeling incredibly fortunate, and if I can I’d like to be a resource for others who aren’t in the same state of mind. I have not been devastated by the corona virus or fires or other destructive events.  I’m scared for the state of our democracy but doing my best to send light and hope into the world (and I mailed my ballot early).

I’ve had a few waves of “get things done” energy that I’m taking advantage of. That’s kind of unusual for me and I’m slightly awestruck and wondering what happened to my inner procrastinator. I have some engaging goals for this fall, and Michael and I have an adventure in the works that’s something to look forward to.

I’m putting this message out for several reasons. First, to let you know I have extra bandwidth if you need someone to listen. And secondly to be a beacon if you need some sign that not everything is turning to shit.

In Designing Your Life the authors have a section about planning a version of your life if your first plan was no longer available. What would you do if the way of life you envisioned suddenly disappeared? For some, that’s no longer a thought experiment. I have some tools that may help you build your way forward into a new reality. I invite you to reach out.

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