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I’m so jazzed after attending a training on Designing Your Life: How To Build A Well-Lived, Joyful Life— the best-selling book by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans based on their wildly successful Stanford University course. 

The book explains how to approach life change using design principles. It’s very practical but at the same time gets into your deep beliefs and underlying motivation. It’s not preachy. You can use the tools wherever you are in life. They work just as well for college students, business executives, and grandparents.

One of the things I like best about the material is the bias for action. They explain how to explore ideas by prototyping with conversations or simple experiments designed to answer questions like “how would it feel to do this kind of work or make this kind of life change.” That way you learn whether or a not a path is right for you before making a huge commitment (or giving up before you start). “Set the bar low and clear it” is one of the main tenets of DYL.

They also have tools for coming up with ideas when you’re stuck and can’t even envision an ideal future. There is no one right way. You have multiple life paths and DYL gives you a method for exploring them.

As you can see I’m proselytizing.  I’m really curious about working further with the DYL material and would love to talk to anyone who has read the book and wants some help getting started, or anyone who’s heard about it and has questions. If that describes you I invite you to email me to set up a call. 

Let’s talk about this cool stuff.

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