Judy Fine

Learn To Sing – Part 2

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Judy Fine

With a Master of Music in Composition and a penchant for encouraging others to follow their passion, Judy Fine has been teaching and performing popular music styles for two decades, as a singer, keyboardist and sometimes trombonist. Over the years, she has performed in a variety of musical projects, from an original solo act to groups as big as a ten-piece wedding band. Formerly the owner of the Singers and Musicians Studio, a performance-based pop music school in Keene, NH, Judy now coaches aspiring singers in the Cape Coral, FL area and runs Online with Judy Fine, an online teaching and advice resource for singers.

Website:   www.OnlineWithJudyFine.com

Facebook:  @OnlineWithJudyFine (Judy Fine Vocal Coach)

Instagram: @OnlineJudyFine

YouTube: @OnlineJudyFine

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