Just Be Yourself!

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Just Be Yourself.

I’m sure I’ve said that to people and intended it to be helpful. I apologize.

Right now I have that phrase rattling around in my head and I have no idea what it means. What do I do? What are the instructions for being myself?

Does this seem like a silly question? Do others go into a similar tailspin with that command?

When I get in this state I feel trapped, exposed, ignorant. I’ve been called on and I don’t know the answer.

Be Yourself! Aaaaak. Who am I?

  • Someone who binge-watches English costume dramas interspersed with dystopian cyber-punk.
  • Someone who holds contests between her left hand and right hand to see which has the best manicured fingers.
  • Someone who frets about how to do “being.”

I think that’s the issue. I hear the imperative and I interpret it as something I must do. An action. When in fact it’s state, a condition. Those words don’t give me much more guidance.

Maybe a feeling gets me closer– Feel like yourself!  That I can understand. I know the difference between the ease and comfort of being in my skin and the uptight tension of trying to impress someone. I can gauge my level of comfort and know if I’m heading in or out of alignment.

“Be yourself” is well-meaning advice intended to make people relax. If it sends you down a rabbit hole like me, try translating it into something meaningful to you.

I’d love to hear your version.

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