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Robin Picard is currently living in Keene, NH, enjoying the seasons, her grandchildren and a relatively quiet and uneventful life. As opposed to traveling through cultures and countries with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and the Peace Corps, Robin has been focused on traveling through life stages and noting the shifting thoughts and perspectives of aging. 

From time to time, she remembers her adventures living and traveling in various locations in the US of A, East Africa, Mozambique, Ukraine and other locations on the planet.  A recent wonderful event this past Fall, walking the Camino from Porto, Portugal to Santiago, Spain may have rekindled the wander lust that has been dormant.   Thoughts these days are of walking the Scottish Highlands, bicycling through New England towns and a motorcycle trip through Nova Scotia (which would be a repeat performance from years past).  

With so many wonderful places to visit, and options on how to do so, there is much to think about and consider.  Until then, simply awaiting the snow, the solstice and another season and year unfolding is the current focus.  And, as needed, going to work daily where combining a career in higher education and community organization occupies the remainder of available head space.  Mozambique blog

Dress made by Boris’s mother

Newspaper article about Robin’s experiences in Ukraine

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