I’m just a girl who can’t say yes.

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Overcoming resistance is my biggest hurdle. It sneaks up on me and pulls me down like Jupiter’s gravity. Everything feels like too much trouble. “If I got off my butt to do that (go for a walk, tidy that mess, do that business-building activity) then I’d have to do the thing that follows it and I can’t because (insert excuse here).

People who do things amaze me. A group of us gathered at a friend’s house for book club. One who hadn’t been there before admired the truly fabulous garden cascading down the hill. The gardener dismissed the compliment by saying, “that’s all I do.” Then she proceeded to give away jars of preserves she’d put up, and bundles of ribbon-wrapped lavender, before serving the cake she’d made while wearing the sweater she’d knitted.

I’ve been thinking about what it takes to simply say Yes I’ll do that. Yes, I’ll do that now. Yes I will commit to doing that on a regular basis. Not automatically hang back and protect myself from added effort.

For me it’s about allowing the still small whisper of inclination to actually become an action, like blowing on coals. And to follow through before I smother the urge with guilt and shoulds and how much trouble it will be.

I can’t think of any real upside to Resistance. I understand that I’m creating it. I wish I had back all the time and energy I’ve spent on it. I’m doing my best to recognize it in me, learn how to overcome it, and share what I’ve learned.

Does this sound familiar? Or are you a do-er who can’t comprehend my inertia? What do you resist?

P.S. I just thought of one upside– I’m good at getting rid of telephone solicitors.

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