How To Get Going Again

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I’ve been talking recently about vicious self-talk and beating yourself up over not getting further on your goals.

It doesn’t help when every time you think about your project you get caught in a loop of regret and castigation. I don’t know about you, but guilt does not motivate me. Instead it just makes me dig in deeper and want to run away and hide.

What we need is a clean slate, amnesty– to let go of the shoulda-woulda-coulda baggage and begin again.

Sometimes it’s clear what action to take first. But if you’ve been hanging out in confusion and self criticism, a good initial step is to think it through– take stock of current reality and determine your next steps.

Here’s a worksheet to get you started. You don’t need any more self-flagellation. You just need to begin. Download this free PDF and Get Going Again.

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