From Sequins to Flannel

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I brought this year in wearing sequins and singing with a hot jazz band. Tonight I’m thrilled to be wearing jammies and eating homemade pizza while watching the Avengers. I couldn’t be happier. We’ve had a lovely month of music-making and festivities with friends. My heart is full.

During this year I turned my professional focus to coaching full-time. I released new episodes of my podcast, I Always Wanted To, and had a surprisingly large number of downloads. I finally realized that people want what I have and I can tell them how to get it, so I created an online course, 8 Steps to Launch Your Dream Life.

I wish you a new year filled with peace, justice, fulfillment, and an overwhelming sense of your own inimitable value. If I can be of service in that it would be my honor.

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  1. My mantra this year, similar to yours in that it is a paradox, is “I have boundless energy and it is okay to be tired.” The guru on this topic has been my now four-year-old granddaughter, Her life and speed is go, go, go, go, until it isn’t. She makes no judgments when she falls asleep in her car seat or sits quietly with her tablet watching Peppe Pig for the umpteenth time. Se doesn’t feel that she’s let the side down when night falls and sleep beckons.

    I am committed to letting energy blossom to the length and breadth of bloom possible and then cherishing the release of tiredness and slumber. The people in my life know that I will fulfill on promises and commitments. They also know, that like Aziza, I may say, “Not now. Maybe later.”

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