Don’t Sweat It

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It has been viciously hot here recently. It’s like all that solar energy just saps my own reserves and makes me good for nothing. I’m not yet wishing for winter but I’m surprised to find myself grateful that it’s only 30C/90F today. Never imagined saying that.

The expression “turn up the heat” implies making something more urgent, but when it’s turned up to 42C/108F I become less motivated. I’m not sure how this fits with the laws of thermodynamics but when heat is applied to this system not much work gets done.

Things you don’t have to do when it’s really hot

  • Worry about how you look
  • Move quickly
  • Limit yourself to one nap

Things you probably should do

  • Water your plants
  • Drink water yourself
  • Swim in it

So this post may contain only 1% inspiration and that’s this: Make yourself comfortable. Give yourself some grace. When it feels like hell, do the best you can under the circumstances, and know the intense discomfort won’t last.

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