Compete in Ballroom Dancing

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Photo credit: Tanya Green

Lauryn Franzoni works with individuals, teams and organizations helping them clarify what they want and then how to align their people, plans and practices to achieve those goals. From her roots in business journalism, she brings a finely honed curiosity and open mind to each collaboration.

A creative strategist and inspirational leader, Lauryn has recruited, trained and led high-performing creative and business teams for global research, media, and training companies in the US, UK and Europe in such diverse industries as publishing, financial services,  energy, health and wellness, social media, education and the performing arts.

As a frequent speaker at corporate and industry events, Lauryn is often asked to share her vision for creating sustainable organizations through the engagement of key constituents. She facilitates interactive leadership and management sessions that guide strategic decision-making, and aids teams to execute plans and programs to meet diverse market challenges. Lauryn has created and delivered a range of career-building coaching programs in person and online to senior executives.

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