Unfinished Business

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Today I made progress. I completed a bunch of tasks, and moved some projects forward that had been languishing on the list.  But doggoneit, there are still some pesky items that refuse to die. On one I can’t get the login I need to do it. Another I can’t find the page with the broken links. Still others I haven’t …


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I decided to make a graphic representation of my core philosophy. I do my best to live by this and share it with others when asked (and sometimes unsolicited). I am deeply inspired by Marianne Williamson, particularly on the subjects of love and forgiveness. This philosophy is becoming clearer to me as I get older and wiser. There’s nothing new …

Focus on Tech

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My favorite things to do– working in WordPress and adding functionality to sites, creating and editing graphic images, manipulating PDFs, learning new software– this is what clients are coming to me for. It’s an ideal match. So I’m going to narrow my scope and focus on these priorities. I’ll still give great customer service and handle other administrative tasks when …

Who wants peace?

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I have an opening in my schedule for a client who needs virtual assistance for 5-10 hours/week. My ideal candidate is working with a business coach and wants help executing the wise marketing advice he or she is receiving. You want someone who will just handle it for you and make it work so you can relax and do what …


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Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to hear from clients who want my services. But everyone getting in touch at 4pm on a Friday afternoon? Really? This is when you think of me? Thanks guys.