Intro to Season Four

Liz Sumner Podcast

Restrictions have been imposed to slow the contagion. Some of us are fortunate enough to simply accept the new rules with only mild inconvenience– or at least we have times during the day when we aren’t feeling afraid or angry or sorry for ourselves. In my work as a coach I help people with big responsibilities find time for their …

Start A Charity

Liz Sumner Podcast

Mary Bennell and Mark White Mary is currently the regional director of a UK framework procurement company for social housing and public construction. Mark is a retired secondary school teacher, art and art history, these days he tries unsuccessfully to do as little as possible. Now in the South West of the UK, from 2013- 16 they lived in Gulu, …

Liz Sumner of Wisconsin

Run For Office

Liz Sumner Podcast

Liz Sumner, a candidate for the 23rd Wisconsin Assembly District in 2018, is a Fox Point resident, small business owner, wife and mother of two small children.  Liz was born and raised in Milwaukee, spending her first years in the Sherman Park neighborhood before moving to Shorewood, where she attended Shorewood public schools and graduated from Shorewood High School. Liz …