Speed Bump

Still Life with Speed Bumps

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I’ve been working on a self-study course, currently called 8 Steps to Launch Your Dream Life. It’s coming together nicely and you will be the first to know when it’s ready.  I’m writing the course because I have some insights and experience in turning dream goals into reality and I think it could be useful. I’m writing this post because …

Can an American woman do this?

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I recently heard about a couple of guys who left established careers– one an engineer and one in finance– and went back to university to study music.  Wow, I thought. That would make a great subject for my podcast! “I Always Wanted to go back to school to study _____.” I loved the idea. It seemed so luscious and self-affirming …

Take The Class

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I first heard about the master class called FabriJazz as an announcement at a concert last summer. I had just had the fabulous opportunity to sing with a large jazz orchestra and was high on the experience. The announced class was to take place at the end of August and there was still time to enroll. I remember thinking, “A …