What Keeps You Committed?

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A number of years ago at a training I learned about a Personality Quadrant that divided people into groups based on 2 scales— whether they were formal or informal and dominant or easygoing. At the time I was sort of borderline between two types and trying to narrow it down. The instructor said that one type, Promoters, had difficulty with …

It’s Not the Decision That’s Tough, It’s the Aftermath.

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In my last post I asked what kinds of decisions were the toughest for you to make. Big thanks to those of you who responded to my request. I received very useful feedback. I thought I was going to help people who found decision-making difficult, with an if-this-then-that kind of tree, or with explanations about urgency vs importance. I quickly discovered …

What If You’re Wrong About Being Wrong?

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Do you automatically assume that if someone does something differently, that you’re doing it wrong? When I arrive somewhere early and no one else is there yet I think, “Did I get the day right? Is this where we’re supposed to meet?” I’m always more comfortable when someone else shows up. It reassures me I’m in the right place. I spend …

An Antidote To Self Pity

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I got bad news this morning. I missed an opportunity because someone hadn’t heard from me and went with another person.

But I had responded immediately! The email did not arrive (or she missed it).

I had done everything right.
It’s not fair.
It’s not my fault.