A Midsummer Night’s Dream Life

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We spent the afternoon rehearsing in the hot sun. We had hoped there would be time for a quick swim before the guests arrived but we ran long. I desperately wanted to cool off and headed for the pool but turned around instantly as soon as I saw the people gathering– no public appearances in a bathing suit for me! …

It seemed like a good idea

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Ever get the feeling that you’re being pulled along into a more adventurous life than you’d intended? That you somehow make choices that seem out of character? Or maybe it’s that I pretend I’m helpless against these “external” forces. That seems more likely than the fact that I would choose to do this on my own. Here’s what happened– Michael …

Going Small

The Case For Going Small

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Settling has a bad reputation– it implies you’ve given up, chickened out, coulda shoulda woulda had more but took less. There’s another way to look at it. For those of us who are not highly motivated by achievement there’s a lovely place called contentment where desires are satisfied and pleasures are many. If being the best, the most, the number …