How much fear is the right amount?

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We felt a couple of earthquakes last night (10.26.16)– a 5.5 and 6.1 plus some noticeable aftershocks. Good sized shakers worthy of some fright. No noticeable effects other than rattling dishes and some cupboard doors opening. The epicenter was 100 km south of here. After the initial thoughts of “oh shit how bad is this going to be” and then …

What If You’re Wrong About Being Wrong?

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Do you automatically assume that if someone does something differently, that you’re doing it wrong? When I arrive somewhere early and no one else is there yet I think, “Did I get the day right? Is this where we’re supposed to meet?” I’m always more comfortable when someone else shows up. It reassures me I’m in the right place. I spend …

An Antidote To Self Pity

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I got bad news this morning. I missed an opportunity because someone hadn’t heard from me and went with another person.

But I had responded immediately! The email did not arrive (or she missed it).

I had done everything right.
It’s not fair.
It’s not my fault.

The Weight of Unfinished Business

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If you made a list of all of your unfinished business, what would be on it? I’m talking about all of the incompletes you’ve been carrying around; the projects that got halfway done and stalled; the little annoying fixes you never got around to; the great ideas that were never developed; the improvements that were never implemented; the conversations that …