Brighter Days Ahead

Liz Sumner Hope, Trust Leave a Comment

Autumn has often been a difficult time for me. Living in New England with the beautiful colors didn’t help. As soon as the first swamp maple turned red in mid-August I’d get a stab of sadness as I anticipated the death to come. Others see the splendor of the changing leaves and I see the last hurrah before gloom.

But then comes the Solstice! It lifts my spirits. Everything is going to get better. “The dark days are gone and the bright days are here.” Well not quite, but I have it to look forward to.

It’s not that I’m not living in the moment. But knowing that the days are getting longer gives me an added boost of optimism. Even though one can barely notice the change for at first, the revolution of the earth is something I can count on. There will be more daylight. That is a certainty.

I don’t know what the new year will bring. I’m anxious about the change of administration. But I believe that the light of day is good for what ails us. The solstice reassures me. We are in for a long cold winter but spring will come again.

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