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Judy Fine

Judy Fine is a singer and music educator who owns Online with Judy Fine, a resource for DIY singing and songwriting courses as well as in-person singing, keys, and theory/songwriting lessons online. To use Judy’s Chord Book bundle for free, visit to place the Workbook Bundle into your cart. In the cart, apply coupon code THEORY123. After checkout, you will be able to download the bundle.


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Michael Cohen

I have been composing music almost all of my adult life, most of it for various bands that featured female vocalists. In 1988 I formed the band Lip Service in Bellingham Washington to perform my newly written original material.  Over the next decade Lip Service played at festivals and coffee houses across the Pacific Northwest. Their music could be heard on radio programs in the greater Seattle area, and they appeared on Sandy Bradley’s Potluck, broadcast nationwide on NPR. Lip Service recorded two albums of original music, “Love & Romance Game” and “Like Magic” produced by Rick Ruskin at Lion Dog Studio in Seattle.

In 1994 my wife and I moved to New England and began performing as Fuzzy Logic, which started out as a duet and morphed into a septet, featuring 3 female vocalists. In 2000 Fuzzy Logic released it’s first CD “Doing The Best I Can”. The group gradually morphed into a septet, that focused on performing my music. Their second CD “Almost” was released in 2007, followed up with “Snow Shadows” in 2011.

More recently I combined my interests in composing and storytelling into writing musicals, six of which were performed in New Hampshire.  “Moon Fever” debuted in September 2003  followed by “The Neon Coconut”  (2005), a reworked “Moon Fever” (2006) which was nominated for best original musical at the New Hampshire Theater Awards, “Amelia Rules!” (2007) based on the popular graphic novel series, “Transference” (2008),  the music & lyrics for “Cartoon Ink”(2010)  a pilot for a kid’s TV series. “Joanie’s Phone” (2011) and “Beauty and the Geek” (2012).  I recently wrote the music for a short theatrical piece entitled “Café Straits”.

I formed an ensemble called “Complicated People” to perform cabaret style shows featuring songs from my musicals, featuring a large group of vocalists, the Fuzzy Logic band, augmented by a woodwind trio. At this point I became very interested in writing for orchestral instruments.

In 2011 I relocated to Italy and am currently involved with musical projects here with a new Complicated People ensemble, as well as arranging my music for virtual orchestra.

I enjoy the challenge of composing in a wide variety of styles. My music has been variously influenced by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gilbert & Sullivan, Leonard Bernstein, The Beatles, Jerome Kern, Stephen Sondheim, Maurice Ravel, Kurt Weill, Brian Wilson, Elvis Costello, and Jacques Brel.

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Music Mentioned in the Podcast
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Supreme Beings of Leisure – Never The Same

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