I’m Liz Sumner,
and I’m learning
to value myself.

I’ve been a coach since 2002, before that I got my Masters in Change Management. When I started coaching I helped women in career transition, then I focused on productivity because I feel a special affinity with people who have trouble getting things done and think their way of doing something is wrong.

I spent a lot of time thinking other people knew better and I should defer to them. I let others take responsibility and was afraid to be a leader.

“Who am I to tell people what to do?”

You know how you can see things clearly in other people that you don’t recognize in yourself? As I coached others, I learned that we all have the answers inside ourselves.  I learned to value my expertise.

I have an exceptional ability to focus on what’s truly important. I can see what’s essential. This helps me manage time and keep my priorities aligned with my values. Now I coach others to do the same.

I work with women who are ready to stop under-valuing themselves, and making themselves the lowest priority. I am committed to helping them balance their crucial responsibilities with their secret longings and create a thriving and sustainable dream life.

I want to support you in finding your deep sense of comfort in your skin, knowing you are enough, and loving who you are.

Today I live in a lovely medieval village in central Italy. I’m learning and growing, exploring my love of singing, and trying to communicate in Italian. Amazing adventures happen daily.

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