What if you had another act?

Your kids are grown. Your career is winding up. Perhaps menopause has changed your attitude. You feel more fearless, and you’re ready to step into a bigger you.

*Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, authors of Younger Next Year, call it your Next Third. Their inspiring book shows you how to live as a fit 50-year-old until you’re well into your 80s.

What are you going to do with all that time and energy?  What’s possible for you?


There’s joyful, meaningful, connected life ahead.

Here’s what others say about coaching with Liz:
“Liz systematically helps people build momentum behind their dreams and make them into realities. Think former clogged drain now running free.”
“I resisted asking for help. I kept taking classes to learn things. What I needed was YOU.”
“There’s a calmness and an enthusiasm in your work that feels equally secure and inspirational.”

I’m Liz Sumner.

I work with women, 50+, who want more joy, meaning, and connection in the next third of their lives. I support them in creating the life they truly want.

It all starts with a conversation.
Let’s explore what you want to create.

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Liz has a way of being that is very grounding, and she also has this innate ability to excavate your core values as well as to extricate the blocks that are holding you back. She gently guides you toward achieving your goals in a way that makes sense for you. Her work is nothing short of the perfect blending of the practical mixed in with sheer magic. Thank you, Liz!

Patti Lynn

I’m so glad I had an opportunity to work with Liz Sumner! I watched her ME-time video training and, after doing the exercises, already got some benefits. It wasn’t until we spoke in person (over Skype) that her passion and energy came through and inspired me! Her feedback was invaluable in helping me clear the cogs that were jamming productivity in my business. Highly recommend!

Lorena Lombardi

JanAdamsonI’ve worked with Liz for several years through various phases of excitement, trepidation, terror and joy.  And she’s gotten me through all those issues with patience and good sense.  Liz isn’t necessarily going to hand you the solutions to things but she walks you through the problem-solving mine-field with a steady hand, encouragement and support.  Sometimes you just need someone who doesn’t bring a lot of other baggage to the table and who can see a clearer path than you can at the moment.  I can’t count the number of “ah ha” moments she’s engendered for me and the many times she has made me realize that the worst case scenario just isn’t that bad.  Liz has been and remains my rock!”

Jan Adamson

SonayaPicsq“Liz is expert at asking you the right questions that will bring clarity to any confusion causing you to spin your wheels and lose money.  She has helped me re-prioritize projects that were out alignment with my brand and big vision.  Working with Liz has saved me countless hours a month and about $10K from a potentially failed launch.  I highly recommend getting on the phone with Liz and getting clarity when you are stuck.”

Sonaya Williams

kathy headshot123“I struggled with a decision about whether to go to graduate school. The cost, time commitment, and my age clouded my decision. Liz guided me through the decision process in a way that left me astonished afterwards that I could experience such clarity. I chose to attend, and it was a great decision. I loved grad school! I’m grateful to Liz for guiding me to the perfect decision.

Katharine Hansen, Phd

LauraLawson“Liz is an intelligent, compassionate and insightful coach. She works with you to help you change your perspective, understand your priorities and get you unstuck and moving forward. The ideas, strategies and tools I learned from her have kept working in my life long after the coaching relationship was complete.”

Laura Lawson
Owner, BestEverFitness.com


If there’s something you truly want to be, do or have,
I’m here to help you achieve it.