Welcome to my scrimshaw website. All my work is done on fossil (mammoth, mastodon or walrus) ivory, which is totally legal and readily available from Alaska. I began doing scrimshaw in 1973 when I moved from Los Angeles. to Bellingham, Washington and got hired at The Alaska Silver and Ivory Company. In 1976 I began freelancing and over the years have been selling mostly to stores in Alaska, Hawaii, and New England. I currently live in Marlborough, New Hampshire.

You can also see what I currently have for sale by hitting the Shop button. The pieces shown here which are not in my online store are not available for sale, but I welcome requests and would be glad to recreate any of these scenes, or do any special orders.

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  1. Hi Michael:

    I work at “The Scrimshanders” in Door County Wisconsin and show your work to potential customers on a regular basis. In an effort to know more about your scrimshaw background and your artistic style, can you direct me to where I can find more information on you. This will be most helpful in providing customers with information that may help in closing a sale.

    Mike Green

  2. Michael,
    Wondering if you have a workshop in Marlborough where you show any pieces of your work? I am a sailor who is fascinated with scrimshaw and would love to learn more about how it is created. I saw some of your work in Bar Harbor and I will be passing by Marlborough in a week or so.

  3. Michael, how can you do this intricate work for so little money? Each piece should be at least $100. With the cost of ivory and the Chinese buying it up I would think you are short changing yourself with such quality work. Just a thought. I have scraps should you be interested. Take Care, Christine Mann

  4. We live in Coupeville, Washington. My husband received a Christmas gift from my father (probably 30 or more years ago from the Alaskan Silver & Ivory Co. out of Bellingham). I took his ring to a jeweler in town and he told me that if it is real ivory belonging to an endangered animal, it would be against the law to sell from his store, but I could sell it to a private person. It is not scrimshaw, but a rectangular-shaped ring with ivory on both sides in a geometric design. The ring is definitely silver, but thought you might have some insight into the rest of it and what it might be worth since you worked at the shop right up in Bellingham (about 1 1/2 hours from us). Is the business still in operation? I can send a picture to help you see what I am talking about. Please let me know.

  5. Michael…I have 2 buffalo powder horns…need scrimshaw on both…one civil war… one buffalo…I have some cave art prints and would like a quote for your work..Thanks Bob Hoel

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for writing. I’d be interested in working on those horns- have they been polished? I’ll need some more information before I can give a quote, namely the size of the area to be scrimmed, and some more specifics on the subject matter. Would the Civil War scene be a battle scene or a portrait? A portrait, of course, would cost much less. Another factor in the pricing would be whether you want color or black and white. I generally prefer to do B&W on non-ivory pieces. If you can send me a scan of the horns it would be helpful. You can write me at my home e-mail address:


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