Don’t ever ask me for a glass of iced tea.


I’m a person who loves options.

I can’t make Top Ten lists because I’m unwilling to limit myself. I find it very difficult to make a definitive statement.

For example, if my husband asks a simple question like, “Is so-and-so coming over?” I don’t just answer yes or no. I say, “She said she was.” That’s all I actually know. She could have been lying. Something could have come up. Maybe she lost our address.

My brain conjures up a whole host of scenarios that make a simple yes inaccurate.

I also believe, sometimes a little too strongly,
that whenever possible we should have things
EXACTLY the way we want them.

So when I serve iced tea I tend to go a little overboard with the choices:

  • Black or Herbal?
  • Lemon?
  • Mint
  • Sweetener?
  • Sugar?
  • Honey?
  • Artificial?
  • Sweetener?
  • Sweet ‘n Low
  • Equal?
  • Stevia?
  • What kind of glass?
  • Ice or Chilled?

My guests could die of thirst before they finish making all the decisions.


But here’s the other side– when you see a world of possibilities and you know how to choose among them, then you have enormous power.

I am a creative thinker and I see in unexpected ways. I also have a knack for knowing, or determining what’s important. Finally, I like getting things done the easiest way possible so I can spend more time doing what I want.

That’s the purpose of Productivity to me– to give you the freedom to do what you truly want.

I started coaching when I realized that not everyone viewed the world as I did. My quirky imagination and sense of the essential unlocked options that others didn’t know they had.

Now I help people who can’t get started or make the kind of progress they know is possible.

They want to do their art, travel, expand their business, find more fulfilling work, but it seems impossible in their current reality. I help them see the way forward and get there.

Travel & Painting

Like J who retired from her soul-sucking job and now travels and teaches watercolors.

Advanced Degree

Or like K who went back to school for her PhD while she raised her kids and worked.

Write Your Book

Or M who finished his book and is expanding his coaching business.

They didn’t see how it was possible, and then they succeeded.

So now I’m on a mission to help you rescue your abandoned dreams from the limbo of real life, and find the time and focus to pursue what really fulfills you.